About Us

Designing Success

TekSix is an integrated consulting firm of highly trained and experienced business professionals, C-Level executives, engineers, developers and designers that offer a comprehensive approach to bringing dreams to life. Focusing on breakthrough and innovative solutions, TekSix will be your partner from strategy and idea inception to market launch, client success and all the amazing steps in between. The TekSix process is designed to build your ideas, empower your team and outfit them with the tools needed to achieve enduring, successful results.

Innovation. Passion. Boldness

 TekSix is built on integrity, bold thinking and passion for what we do! Inspired by people, ideas and the world around us, we thrive on collaborative work to create an extraordinary experience and sustainable impact. Combining extensive multi-industry experience, thought leadership, cutting-edge technology and innovative strategy, TekSix delivers sophisticated results the public loves. Our journey defines our destination, and for our clients the sky is the limit!

End to End Partnership

Let us help you build your dreams! TekSix is your end-to-end partner supporting your growth and leading you in the path to market success, market wide visibility  and sustainable profits.